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  • Fool Me Once…

    Obama promises more of the same failed policies and programs if re-elected. Romney will wisely solve the critical problems facing our nation with bi-partisan support. Mitt Romney deserves your vote.

  • Sandy – October Surprise?

    Hurricane Sandy disrupted the presidential campaign, but did she change the outcome?

  • Third Debate Shows Romney Is Presidential

    The third and last  presidential debate clearly showed that Mitt Romney is more presidential than the President. Mr. Romney looked, spoke, and acted like a president should. Romney was not only presidential, but dignified and personable. Obama on the other hand was petty, petulant, partisan and sounded bitter. A few good one liners not withstanding, read more »


  • The Forgotten Man

    President Obama has not lived up to his oath to protect and defend the Constitution. He must be voted out of office to ensure America continues to be the best place on the planet. See video.

  • Conservatism

    After four years of liberalism, socialism, Marxism, communism, etc. our country needs a government that embraces Conservatism. Here is a great video produced by the Independent Journal Review that explains why. See video.

  • Romney’s Energy Plan Will Work

    Romney has outlined a practical jobs creating  energy independence plan that embraces fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) which America thankfully has plenty of while not abandoning alternative energy initiatives. What is clear is that wind and solar will not ever make a huge difference in solving our energy crisis. Bob Endlich gave a presentation at read more »

  • We The People

    This video sums up the disappointment, frustration, and determination of the American people who cherish freedom and are willing to die for it. They gave President Obama a chance, but he failed.  A ground swell is growing across this fair land that will sweep Romney to victory. See video.